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My name is Carrie Hazel and I own and operate Hazelrun Morgans. I am located in Mcloud, OK near Oklahoma City. Please check out my Services Page for information about our farrier services, colt starting, and riding classes. Thanks for visiting my webpage and I hope you enjoy looking at the horses.

Recently I have been slowly reducing my numbers and am becoming laser focused in my breeding ideals. These Brunk bred Morgans sure have proved themselves to me and I hope to spread that experience to others by producing high quality individuals. My goal as a breeder is to produce the best horse I can possibly create. I pick my breeding stock based on the following criteria, in order of importance:


Temperament is the most important selection criteria for me. The Morgan temperament is the stuff of legend and keeping that people-loving, hard working attitude is at the top of the list. Movement and conformation go hand in hand. I will also select for color. If a horse meets the first 3 criteria, I will try to pick individuals that have the best expression of all the colors that Morgans come in. I want to be able to ride any color available and not have to sacrifice on the quality of my ride!

Have a look around and enjoy yourself! If you have any questions, I love to talk horses and Morgans as much as the next person! Drop me a line!


Carrie Hazel * McLoud, OK * CHazelRun@msn.com * HazelrunMorganFarm@msn.com * (405) 777-6412

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