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(Futurity Cobra's Promise x Gwenida Gem)
1997 bay stallion
video of Mouse

· 14.0 hands · Broke to ride English and Western · Broke to ground drive · Superior athletic conformation · Overreaches by 6 inches at the walk · Round collected trot with expression and animation · Flyhawk-type road trot with lots of suspension · Very balanced canter · 18.75% UVM Promise · 18.75% Rockfield · 10.94% Mr Breezy Cobra · 7.81% Artemisia · 5.66% Flyhawk

Mouse truly is my perfect Morgan. I am deeply grateful to Wayne, Kathy, and Susan Nyborg of NR Morgans in Pinehurst, ID for breeding my special man. When I look at Mouse, I see the type of horse that I want to produce. I need to improve on him in two areas. I need to produce a taller horse and Mouse is a little straight in the hocks. He is one of the rare horses though that completely compensates for this flaw and over tracks by 6 inches naturally at the walk. His gaits are forward and full of suspension. His temperament is superb and he has always been a great ambassador for the breed at shows and expos. He loves children and is always a big hit at public events such as parades or demonstrations. I have done so many things with Mouse and he has been a willing and joyful partner.

If you look at his linebreeding report you will see that he is a mixture of UVM Promise, Rockfield, and Mr. Breezy Cobra. I will be working with these three ingredients in the future to try and replicate this little horse that I love so much.

Futurity Cobra's Promise Futurity Headliner Futurity's Fireball
Beam of Joy
Olympus Promise Me UVM Promise
Madam Queen
Gwenida Gem Shawalla Independence Shawalla Buck
Shawalla Nellie
Carmida Roxie Rockfield
Rityie Carmen
Mouse's complete pedigree can be found here.

Mouse's Photo Gallery
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(CW's Sterling Silver x Tonya)
1994 gray gelding
video of Dollar

• 14.3 Hands • Broke to ride • Shown lightly at Training Level • Being brought back into shape slowly • Proven sire • Sturdy, Government Conformation • Balanced, even walk • Square, solid trot with good impulsion • Balanced canter • Very good bit contact

Dollar is an interesting horse that I have enjoyed owning. Like many of the early greys, he is not what you would call a very typey Morgan, but he did have some things to offer as a breeding stallion. His pedigree is a mixture of Lippitt and Government with a small amount of Brunk thrown in the mix. In my breeding program he was part of my "Brunk/Government Cross" experiment. In years past, the Brunk/Government cross was praised as being the magic formula for breeding sport horses. As an individual Dollar offers substance and grit. He has a determined attitude and a frame that was built to take hard work and come out sound on the other end. My goals for Dollar were to breed him to some typier mares that may require some more depth in the body and more bone in the legs. Dollar is also a bit short in the hip, but he offers good straight legs with more correct angles further down the hind leg. His movement lacks animation in the field, but under saddle he can really turn your head.

Dollar was gelded in the fall of 2011. He is much happier and enjoys a herd life. He is quite well broke and we have started using him here on the ranch. He shows good potential as a using cow horse. He has a fantastic ground covering walk that can really take you somewhere! He is very soft on the bit and easily moves laterally. He is quiet in the cow herd while checking pairs but can also turn on the speed when needed!

CW's Sterling Silver Todita Midnight Magic
Black-Ayr's Majesty
Hy Crest Satina Hy Crest Koko
Lady Satin
Tonya Fox Hollow Jim Atomics Billy B
Kane's Rosalinda
Kane's Flying Gypsy John Geddes
Springbrook Patsy K
Dollar's complete pedigree can be found here.

Dollar's Photo Gallery
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(S Bar B Blacksaddle Chester x Zeulners Marvelous Melody)
1998 brown silver stallion

· 14.1 Hands · Was never broke to ride due to an injury as a young horse · Was the first Morgan proven to be a silver via the Red Factor test in 2002, confirming the existence of silver in the Morgan breed · Gentle temperament · Died April 20, 2010 · 13.28% Chingadero · 8.79% Flyhawk · 8.20% Sentola

Sunka was a very special horse to me, although I did not know him very long. He offered so many things as a breeding stallion to my program and yet our time was cut short. Sadly he died in a farm accident in April of 2010. Thankfully his breeder and previous owner Bobbie Zeulner of Zeulner Morgans had saved some frozen semen from him. Not all hope is lost!

Sunka was very much the older type of Morgan that I was looking for. He had a nicely sloping shoulder with the neck coming out on top, a short back, strong coupled loin and a nice long hip. I performed a conformational study comparing him and my main stallion NR Mighty Mouse and they were very similar. Sunka was injured as a young horse and that made him permanently lame. I was never able to assess his gaits, but if there really is any truth to "Form to Function" he should have been a very beautiful mover with lots of natural collection, suspension, and animation.

Something that made Sunka extra special was his fantastic color. He was a brown based silver dapple and his color in summer coat was so stunning. He was always a favorite among guests and so eye catching when the sun would hit that gleaming white mane and tail.

I plan to breed a few mares with his frozen semen and try to continue the legacy of an amazing little horse.

S Bar B Blacksaddle Chester H-Saracen Chingadero
Teal Eye
Foxton Fawn Society Statusmaster
Foxton Felicia
Zeulner's Marvelous Melody TS High Noon Aranaway Atlas
Midnight Felicity
Marvelous Memory Marvelous Gem
Moro Hills Majoret
Sunka's complete pedigree can be found here.

Sunka's Photo Gallery
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(S Bar B Pierre Noire x Truwest Adobe Rose)
2008 smoky grulla stallion

· 14.3 hands at 18 months · Quiet temperament · Very solid build · 16.60% Flyhawk · 16.41% Warhawk · 11.33% Sentola

Suede is my "unicorn" (impossible creature to find). I was on the hunt for a horse that carried the dun gene, but I wanted it in the body style and bloodlines that I was looking for. I searched for a long time. I saw many nice dun Morgans, but I could not find the bloodlines I was looking for. I almost gave up when I happened to be looking at Nancy Castle's Dun Morgans webpage and noticed an entry near the bottom of her database of dun Morgans. It said "TruWest Silver Suede, 2008 stud colt, smoky grulla"! I couldn't believe it! I called up my good friend Bobbi Blankenship of TruWest Morgans in Glendive, MT immediately!

Suede is a son of the wonderful S Bar B Pierre Noire who was the last son of H-Saracen who was the last son of Chingadero. Bingo! I had my bloodlines in a stud colt who not only carried the dun gene but also the cream gene. Bobbi was gracious enough to let me lease Suede, and although I was unable to purchase him at the time, I will always keep my eye on this handsome fella, and when the time is right, I will hopefully be able to make him a permanent part of my breeding program.

Suede is located in Thermopolis, WY at Harvey Siedel's Bar Non Morgans. Harvey was the long time human partner to Suede's sire, S Bar B Pierre Noire. I am sure that Harvey will be very pleased with this wonderful colt. He has a lot of growing to do and a measurement from the middle of his knee to coronet band shows he will mature at 16 hands.

S Bar B Pierre Noire H-Saracen Chingadero
Teal Eye
Leesa Lass Funquest Pat Hand
Shawnee Lass
Truwest Adobe Rose Robbi-Sue's
Success Story
Robbi-Sue's Sweet Success
In-Glen Elation
Pure D Powder Triton Dallas
Flee Powderwing
Suede's complete pedigree can be seen here.

Suede's Photo Gallery
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